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The 3 most famous traders in the history of forex

The 3 most famous traders in the history of forex) Jesse Livermore Born in Massachusetts, Jesse Livermore and Riston began his career in trading when he was only 14 years old. In just one year, revenues increased to $ 1,000, which is currently equivalent to $ 23,000. Livermore is widely recognized for winning and losing multi-million dollar deals in its trading history. His wealth as a result of trading amounted to $ 100 million (equal to 1.384 billion in 2014), although he lost all his wealth in 1934 and then ended his life in 1940. He noted that he would write down certain accounts about future market prices and would verify their accuracy later. Initially, it was his first investment in the stock market with a brokerage firm not licensed to deal in securities. However, his success in dealing with stocks brought him a lot of enemies, especially from the tycoons and decision makers, preventing the deal with most brokerage firms. This work enabled him to monitor the market and know the ways in which traders deal in a precise system based on the rules and scientific foundations and then put it in his famous book, explaining his philosophy of securities trading, which involves the growth of the volume of one trading center linked to the price in the right direction and cut losses Super fast . His available works have left open sources for traders to gain inspiration and increase their profits. William Delbert Gan Is a famous trader who developed unique technical analysis tools which are now called Gan indicators. It is known as Circle 360, with 9 squares, hexagonal shape, or Gan corners. Forecasting methods are based on ancient mathematics, geometry, astrology as well as astronomy. He has two books on circulation in which he presented his financial philosophy, but there are very contradictory views on the value and feasibility of his writings, and there are many doubts and speculation whether his actions are legal or not. However, he has produced a completely new perspective and view in the financial markets, as well as achieving huge fortunes based on his opinion of the financial market. George Soros Soros is a Hungarian-born American citizen, entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. And head of Soros Fund Management - one of the best successful companies in the history of the hedge fund industry. He is one of the richest people in the world. Also known as "the man who broke the Bank of England" during the black Wednesday of the British currency crisis in 1992 where he managed to profit a billion dollars through speculative only and based on his good expectations. Between 1979 and now, George Soros has donated millions and billions of dollars to various charities. He also played a major role in the peaceful transformation of capitalism in Eastern Europe. Soros, as an author, is known to focus primarily on the concept of reflexive thinking. Showing how the bias of individuals entering the transaction market potentially shifts the fundamentals of the economy. Soros is famous for saying that different principles attract market changes whether they are "close, to balance" or "out of balance"