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How to deal with stress and psychological stress in forex trading?

How to deal with stress and psychological stress in forex trading?) We all want to read and study topics related to strategy, analysis and Forex trading. For many traders, this is normal and understandable and is the simplest part of the trade. By contrast, emotion control and capital management belong to a vague category of knowledge in currency trading. On news channels, intermediary sites, news sources and analysis, both visual and online, you can find a presentation of the various market movements and strategies on which hot discussions are based, but commentators who are not usually trading themselves do not feel the importance of discussing the psychological side of trade in their presentations. However, the fact is that most Internet traders fail, and the main reason for the lack of success is the failure to control their feelings and achieve mental discipline. In some cases, you will find that the trader does not even reach the level that can lead to good knowledge of economic statistics and data to support trading in order to achieve better results. Instead, many accounts are erased early because traders behave like frightened rabbits in a market that is always charged with tension. Clearly, those seeking success in trade must devote a great deal of their efforts to refining their skills in psychological control. What do we look for in trade? Look for money and profits. But does the money and market movements that create it respond to our joy, pride, sadness or despair? Are markets becoming more cruel to us when we feel sad or more kindly when you feel that you are the invincible person? Do we achieve greater success when we trade on an unfounded basis of optimism or act and we are pessimistic or terrified? What is the best way to manage our emotions? The best way to manage our feelings is to isolate them completely while dealing with markets. Prices move according to short-term emotional reactions and long-term economic dynamics. But all of them can only be assessed by using logic because it is the only tool possessed by humankind. Some may raise his voice and say, and perhaps his words are justified, since markets move according to sentiment, when isolated and completely excluded from our decisions, we lose the opportunity to understand the markets. In response, we say that human beings are understood and analyzed by reason alone, and since emotions are logically unpredictable, so there will be no benefit in trying to trade markets based on emotional reactions. Feelings are unpredictable, we know it perfectly. So what is the logic in trying to assess and predict market movement on a personal basis that can not be understood or predicted? Bottom line, the emotions do not exist in a successful trade function. There should be no joy when you make a profit or a pain or grief at a loss. We can listen to the fruits of our profits with friends and family later, but if we try to enjoy them during trade, our happiness will soon turn into sadness. Unless you are able to understand the wisdom of Forex, do not waste your time checking the list of forex brokers to find the best option for you. The first step in Forex is to control your emotions and without it your broker or teacher will not help you much.