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Forex trading defects

Forex trading defects) What I read a lot about the advantages of automated trading for Forex, but you should also know that trading using expert advisors is not necessarily the magic lamp of success as it seems at first glance. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages; so is the case with automated trading, where it continues to be accompanied by some disadvantages. You can see the most prominent of these shortcomings from the list below: . Personal intuition is lacking in circulation Computers do not have personal intuition or so-called sixth sense. Although some traders do not believe in the importance of this sentimentality in trading, some rely heavily on it - so automated trading may not be an appropriate option for these types of traders. Seamless implementation of transactions and the work of expert consultants without interruption are indispensable in automated trading systems. But unfortunately it may be difficult to keep the consultant running when relying solely on the PC at home or work. This means that you will have to use a dedicated server to run automated trading robots. The impossibility of applying some strategies in the form of automated experat. It is very difficult to encode wave analysis strategies and most basic analysis tools in the form of automated programs. The current level of artificial intelligence applications does not allow these tasks to be automated to perform better than manual methods. Failures sometimes depend on software and a number of other systems and although these systems are stable this does not mean they are infallible.   Continuous monitoring while doing a lot of work automatically but still needs to be monitored in order to verify that everything is working properly.   Not optimized is not always optimal is a problem not only in automated Forex system - many systems can not be optimized. Traders who use e-trading services can create trading systems that appear to be theoretically optimal but perform poorly in actual market conditions One of the most important disadvantages of trading is sudden market changes that may result in strong price movements. The trading platform will not know if the Federal Reserve raised interest rates through a surprise statement announced without an appointment. Another example may be a sudden political development, Gold and the fall in US dollar prices when North Korea launches a missile over Japan again in 2017 and that is why the program will not stop itself. There are several ways that traders try to overcome these obstacles. For example, if the programming language allows adding inputs to these conditions, such as automatically stopping the trading program if prices move more than a certain amount of points or if the trader stops trading itself when markets In the waiting phase for a specific event, a specific appointment preset does not correspond to the input of a particular trading program. As I have seen, there is nothing perfect in this world, and even automated trading that may seem interesting and widely popular also encounters some fateful problems. The wise decision here, in my personal opinion, goes out to use both types to make the most of it. For example, automated systems can be used to perform tasks that are easy to complete in the form of an expert consultant, while you can rely on manual systems with strategies that are difficult to program, such as simple trading systems that rely on graph and basic analysis models, The best option in this case.